Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Our motto of giving interest free loans to nomads make us feel successful whenever we see the people like Vishalbhai Bhavaya...

Mittal Patel at Vishalbhai Bhavaya's Mobile Shop
“Ben, one of our loan borrower has started a Mobile shop at Chotila at Surendranagar District. Let’s meet him.” Said Harshad and took me to the shop of Vishalbhai Bhavaya(Vaghela)’s shop. He is the worshipper of Mahakali Devi so his family gave the shop’s name “New Mahakali Mobile Shop”. Even poor can buy the mobiles from his shop because he has kept the collection of good quality mobiles with cheaper prize in his shop. 

He expressed happiness to see us and offered tea or cold drink.

Vishalbhai Bhavaya explained about the products he is
selling in his shop.
We asked, “first tell us, how your business is going on? Rest later on…”

Vishalbhai said, “very good now.” I took that loan of Rs. 30,000, which I used for my business of selling cloths.  I used to move around the villages and sell some cloths. That was not much profitable business. I had little bit skill about mobile repairing. I could not re-pay the loan I took so I was feeling shy to ask for another loan but Harshadbhai said, “We see your hard work and that inspires us to give you another loan because you have an attitude to re-pay it. Please don’t worry.”
That gave me courage to ask for another loan of Rs. 50,000/-. Thanks to VSSM that my loan was approved and I could start this new business of Mobile phones. 
We too expressed happiness for his progress. 
Vishalbhai explained about the products he is selling in his shop. 

I asked, “ Bhavai Artists like to play Bhavai, don’t you want to play Bhavai?” 
Vishalbhai replied, “I like to play Bhavai too much but others are not interested and there is no earning in doing that nowadays. May play in future if everything is ok.”

He took us to one Kathiyavadi hotel and hosted us the excellent food. 
If our request to government to open the Bhavai School for Bhavai Artist, becomes successful, there is no doubt about getting the learned Bhavai Artists for it. 
Our motto of giving interest free loans make us feel successful whenever we see the people like Vishalbhai. Vishalbhai is happy mentally but we wish his wishes to earn more and have worldly comforts may get fulfilled by his hard work. 

VSSM is grateful to all those who are the co-traveller in the journey of VSSM 

‘બેન આપણા એક લોનધારકે ચોટીલામાં મોબાઈલની દુકાન કરી છે. એમને મળીએ?’ આવું કહીને હર્ષદ વિશાલભાઈ ભવાયા(વાઘેલા)ની દુકાને લઈ ગયા. મહાકાળી માને પુજનાર વિશાલભાઈના પરિવારે દુકાનનું નામ પણ ‘ન્યુ મહાકાળી મોબાઈલ શોપ’ આપ્યું હતું. ગરીબ પણ ખરીદી શકે તેટલી કિંમતના અફલાતૂન મોબાઈલ વિશાલભાઈની દુકાનમાં મળે.

અમને જોઈને એ રાજી થઈ ગયા. ‘બેન ચા- ઠંડુ શું મંગાવું.’

‘ધંધો કેવો ચાલે છે એ ક્યો બાકી બધુ પછી.’

‘હવે ખુબ હારુ. મે પેલી લોન તીસ હજારની લીધીને કપડાંની ફેરી ગામડાંમાં કરતો પણ ઈનાથી બહુ ફાયદો નો થ્યો. મોબાઈલમાં થોડી આવડત હતી. પેલી લોનના હપ્તાય ટેમસર નોતા ભરાતા એટલે બીજી લોન માંગવામાં થોડી શરમેય લાગી. પણ હર્ષદેભાઈ કહ્યું, તમારી ધગશ સે ને લોન ભરવાની દાનતેય સે. ચિંતા કરો મા આપીશું. ને બીજા પચાસ મળ્યા એમાંથી દુકાન ભાડે લીધી. મહિને ભાડાનો ને બીજો ખર્ચ કાઢતા આઠ થી દસ હજાર મળે છે.’

‘વાહ રાજી. ચા નથી પીવી પણ તમારી પ્રગતિથી આનંદ.’

એ પછી વિશાલભાઈએ જે વસ્તુઓ વેચે છે તે બધી બતાવી. 

‘ભવાયાને ભવાઈ ગમે તમને ભવાઈ નથી કરવી?’

‘મને તો ભવાઈ ખુબ ગમે પણ બીજાને રસ નથી, મળતરેય બહુ નથી પણ ભવિષ્યમાં ઠીક રે તો ભજવીશું.’
પછી તો વિશાલભાઈએ સરસ હોટલમાં અમને - તમને પણ ઈર્ષા આવે એવું કાઠીયાવાડી જમાડ્યું. ભવિષ્યમાં ભવાયા માટે ભવાઈ શાળા થાય તે માટે સરકારમાં કરેલી રજૂઆતો સફળ થાય તો ભવાયા સમાજમાંથી જ અદભૂત કલાકારો આપણને મળવાના એમાં કોઈ શંકા નહીં. 

વગર વ્યાજે લોન આપવાનું VSSMનું કાર્ય આવા લોકોને બેઠા થયેલા જોઈને સફળ થયાનું લાગે. 

માનસીક રીતે વિશાલભાઈ સુખી છે પણ ભૌતિક સુખ કમાવવાની તેમની ઈચ્છા પરિપૂર્ણ થાય તેવી પ્રાર્થના ને આ કાર્યમાં મદદ કરનાર સૌ પ્રત્યે કૃતજ્ઞતા.

Loan ID 186 and 1022

Friday, 19 January 2018

From destruction and despair to rehabilitation and restoration…..

Mittal Patel visits meets devipujak families at Patniodha
Devastation was all one could see as far as the sight stretched. And Patniodha, a small hamlet of Khariya village was not spared. The domesticated animals that were ties to the poles drowned to death, the vast expanses of farm land were all dredged with sand rendering them absolutely useless. The pain and cries were all you could here. The region seemed like reeling under some curse. 

VSSM initated relief and rehabilitation efforts in the region and visits to Patniodha became quite frequent.  The Devipujak families were helped to re-establish their livelihoods. The interest fee loans provided to them by VSSM were utilized to buy buffalo. The milk was sold to the local dairy while they worked to repair their land.

Mittal Patel enjoying her tea at devipujak settlement
 “Ben, we have bought the buffaloes, come and have a cup of tea with us,” the invites kept pouring in whenever I was in Patniodha. Gradually, the families were inching towards normalcy. They had repaired their land and were framing again. The cattle helped supplementing their income. “if you hadn’t helped it would have been very difficult to start afresh!!” most of them would tell me.  

The interest free loans provided to these families by VSSM
were utilized to buy buffalo
 On the hind side, who are we to rebuild their lives? Nature takes its own course. If it destructs it does restore. It was you all, our guardian angels and well-wishers who chose to stand besides VSSM during such exceptional times of need. Look at the way the communities are smiling now! The priceless joy we get to experience every single day. All thanks to you.

 Apparently, a lot of families have lost their homes and with their economic condition it is next to impossible for them to rebuild their houses. They need our goodwill and support. We have decided to extend support of Rs. 50,000/- to each family and help them reconstruct their houses. We are sure our friends and well-wishers will choose to stand by us once again.

The interest free loans provided to these families by VSSM
utilized to buy buffalo
Well, a saucer full of tea was mandatory when the invites are so warm and overwhelming!! Of course, we had to meet and say hello to the buffaloes as well 

પટણીઓઢા #ખારિયા ગામનું પરુ. 2017માં આવેલા પુરે આ ગામનું ધનોતપનોત કાઢી નાખેલું. ખીલે બંધાયેલા ઢોર એમ જ પાણીમાં ગુગળાઈને મૃત્યુ પામેલા. ખેતીની જમીન પર રેત પથરાઈ ગયેલી. ચારેબાજુ નવરી રોક્કડ. જાણે આખો વિસ્તાર શાપીત. 

પટણીઓઢા એ પછી તો વારંવાર જવાનું થયું. પુર પ્રભાવીત દેવીપૂજકોને બેઠા કરવા વગર વ્યાજે લોન આપીને એ લોકો ભેંસો લાવ્યા. ભેંસનું #દુધ #ડેરીમાં ભરાવી આવક રળતા થયા. 

‘બેન ભેંસ લાય ઈના દૂધની ચા પીવા આવજો.’ એવું આમંત્રણ પણ આપેલુંને આજે ત્યાં જવાનું થયું. કુદરતની થપાટ ઝીલી આ પરિવારો ફેર બેઠા થયા. ખેતી ફેર લહેરાતી થઈ ગઈ. ઘરના આંગણે ફેર #ઢોર બંધાયા. ‘તમે મદદ ના કરી આલી હોત તો ઓમ ઝટ બેઠા ના થવાત’ એવી લાગણી સૌએ વ્યકત કરી. 

જો કે બેઠા કરવાવાળા અમે કોણ? કુદરત પોતે જ દરેક જીવની દરકાર કરે ને એટલે જ VSSM સાથે સંકળાયેલા સૌ શુભચિંતકો આવા #અસરગ્રસ્તોની પડખે ઊભા રહ્યા ને આમ જુઓ આજે એમના મોંઢા પર સરસ હાસ્ય છે...

આભાર મદદરૃપ થનાર સૌનો...

જો કે ઘણા પરિવારોના ઘરો પડી ભાંગ્યા છે. તેમની #આર્થિક હાલત ઘર ફેર બાંધી શકવાની નથી. બસ તેમને મદદરૃપ થવાનું છે. એક પરિવારને રૃા.50,000ની આર્થિક સહાય ઘર બાંધકામમાં કરીશું. સમાજ મદદ કરશે તેવી આશા પણ છે.

ચા તો પીવાની જ હતી ને લીધેલી ભેંસો પણ આ પરિવારોએ હોંશથી બતાવી તે અમે તમનેય બતાવીએ...

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Equality broke Caste Barrier

Nomadic Community Member Fuljibhai broke Caste Barrier
Mittal Patel with Darbar Women
“I can give you loan but what if you don’t pay the instalments? Fuljibhai Devipujak who was standing nearby said firmly, “Ben, I am their guarantor. If these people don’t repay I will be bound to pay your money back!” 
Social atmosphere is smothered by casteism. Everyone has forgotten the fact that they are Indians at the end of the day. Everyone has started identifying their own caste and that has become the only important thing. In such a situation, Fulabhai easily flung the caste barrier away.   
"Although you are helping people from Nomads, take a look at our plight once. Then you decide to help us or not. We are Darbars. We don’t like pleading for help. But 2017 floods destroyed everything. Our cattle died and our fields were washed away. Can’t you give us loans the way you gave it to Devipujaks of Patni Odha village? We really need it otherwise we would not have asked for it", these women said pleadingly.  

This incident took place when some Darbar women from Patni Odha which is a part of Khariya village had come to request for the loans to buy buffaloes. Nothing can be more accurate example of unity than a Devipujak man being a guarantor of Darbar women.

I am happy and proud. The meaning of Pledge ‘all Indians are my brothers and sisters” was proven true… Now I will have to give loans to these women.

This picture with Darbar women has been taken by Naran. 

ગુજરાતીમાં અનુવાદ

‘લોન આપુ પણ પછી હપ્તા ના ભરાય તો?’
પાસે ઊભેલા ફુલજીભાઈ દેવીપૂજકે કહ્યું, ‘બેન હું ઓમની ગેરંટી લઉ. આ લોકો લોણ લે અન ના ભરઅ તો હું ભરવા બંધાયેલો!’
ચારેબાજુ #જાતિવાદનું #ઝેર ઓકાઈ રહ્યું છે. દરેક વ્યક્તિ ભારતીય હોવાનું ભુલી ગયો છે ને હું ફલાણી જાતિનો ને ઢીંકણી જાતિનો એ કહેવા લાગ્યો છે ને જાણે એ જ અગત્યનું બની રહ્યાનું દેખાઈ રહ્યું છે. ત્યારે જાતિવાદના આ વમળને આમ સાવ સહજ રીતે ફુલાભાઈએ હડસેલી દીધું. 
‘તમે વિચરતી જાતિઓન ભલે મદદ આલો પણ અમારી હાલત એક ફેરા જુઓ. પસી તમે જ નક્કી કરો ક અમન મદદ કરવી ક નઈ. અમ દરબાર સીએ. ઓમ મદદ મોગવી ના ગમ. પણ 2017મોં આયેલા પુરે બધુ બગાડી મેલ્યુ. અમારી ભેંસોય જઈન ખેતર બેતરેય બગડી જ્યાં. પટણી ઓઢામોં #દેવીપૂજકોન લોણ આલી ઈમ અમન ના આલો? ખરેખર જરૃર હ નકર ના મોગત.’
ખારિયાગામનું પરુ પટણીઓઢામાં રહેતી દરબાર #બહેનો ભેંસ લેવા માટે લોન આપો એવી વિનંતી સાથે મળવા આવ્યા ને ઉપરની વાત થઈ.
એક દેવીપૂજક ભાઈ દરબાર બહેનોની #ગેરંટી લે એનાથી મોટી સમભાવનાની વાત શું હોઈ શકે...
આનંદ થયો ને ગર્વ પણ. પેલી #પ્રતિજ્ઞા અમે ભારતીય છીએ ને બધા #ભારતીયો મારા ભાઈ બહેન છે એ સાર્થક થઈ... લોન તો આપવી જ રહી... 
દરબાર બહેનો સાથે કેમેરામાં કંડારવાનું નારણે કર્યું...

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

VSSM helps Nituben stand up on Her Feet

VSSM helps Nituben to have her own vegetable cart and brings smile to her face

Nituben  Dantani belongs to Guptanagar of Vasna area of Ahmedabad District. She has three kids and her husband in her family. She was doing labour work and household chores in the bungalows for her livelihood expenses. Her husband used to borrow money on interest which he used to spend to do his business of vegetable selling. He had his hand-cart on rent. He used to pay daily rent of Rs. 20. His less income went in paying daily rent of hand-cart, vegetable purchasing and paying interest of the money he borrowed. Nituben came in to contact with Ilaben, the VSSM karyakar. She narrated his situation and asked for Rs. 20,000 loan. 

Her own house is with tin roof on it, so they have the main problem of paying more share of his income in to interest amount that he had earlier borrowed. VSSM helped Nituben with the loan she asked for. She spent Rs. 20,000 of loan to purchase a new hand-cart, electric weighing machine for vegetables and a big umbrella for shade for her husband. He also brought more vegetables to sell. She repaid her husband's previous loan too to become free from paying interest. 

VSSM help has now started showing the impact. Nituben is able to run her house well and she is saving money also. She has repaid Rs. 12,000 to VSSM out of the 20,000 she borrowed as an interest free loan. She could save money to buy another hand-cart and she is now helping her husband to earn more. They now have fruits along with vegetables. Though sometimes they fail to repay as decided but they wish to pay back and they keep working hard to pay back the loan which helped them to be independent in their business. The help proved truly like lifeline to them. They thank VSSM again and again for the help. 

Nituben’s children used to study in the government school. Now she has decided to educate them well so that she has admitted them into Satyam School nearby her house. She is happy with the help and working hard to achieve more in life. 

VSSM wishes Nituben a happy and respectful life. 

VSSM is forwarding thanks along with their gratitude towards the donors who are the co-travellers in this journey of social service for the NT and DNT communities. 

LOAN ID: 1068

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

VSSM Helps Dakshaben set up her Business

VSSM helps Dakshaben, a Domestic Helper, become a Fruit Vendor 

Dakshaben Rajubhai Nayak is staying at Guptanagar area in Vasna village of Ahmedabad. She was earning her livelihood by doing household jobs in nearby bungalows. Her husband Rajubhai is working in the hotel Thriller. She has one daughter and a son too. She was also selling bananas filled up in a small basket.  She was earning her livelihood but that did not give enough profit to meet the ends. It was difficult for her to meet the ends.

During 2014, she came in contact with Ilaben, the social worker who is working with ‘Vicharta Samuday Samarthan Manch’ (VSSM). VSSM helped her by giving interest free loan of Rs. 20,000 during May 2017, which helped her add more fruits and buy more stock to sell by hand-cart. This interest free loan helped her earn good profit as well as saved her money which could be gone into paying interest of the loan if she had gone to some local money lender. Her earning has reached up to Rs. 300 to 500 daily which has strengthened her paying capacity. She pays her decided Rs. 2000 EMIs regularly (5 EMIs are already paid) which is an additional change in her life. 

Loan ID 1312

VSSM saved Nenuben from being a Defaulter and saved her Prestige

“Sister, If I don’t repay loan, it would be a crime to Nature”: Nenuben
Nenuben Expressing her happiness and gratitude to Mittal Patel  
Nenuben  (Devipujak) belongs to Ramdev Nagar area of Jodhpur, Ahmedabad. Her husband passed away due to an illness. She had been alone with her three children. It was very difficult for Nenuben during that period to raise her children on her own with no income. Her husband had left a hut for her on the land he owned. Hence, there had not been any problem about moving here and there. The main problem she had been facing was to earn in order to bring up her kids. Nenuben knew tailoring work. She started stitching traditional dress for women of her community. She had been stitching with good finishing hence, the ladies had been coming to her to get their dresses stitched. Gradually, now she also started keeping dress material to sell.
She had admitted her children into government school. Her life was not that easy. Her children left school as they were not interested to study. They started helping her to earn. Her son Sanjay also started working as office boy but his job was gone suddenly. Nenuben's leg had been fractured and it had affected her earnings. Her other son Bechar had been grown up and he thought to do their traditional business of making idols of Ganesha and other artefacts. The idea of earning from the business had not been successful as there had been less selling than they presumed. Now this added to their problems as it had become difficult for them to manage the repayment of loan they had borrowed on interest from local money lender. 
Nenuben Showing her business to Mittalben
She came to VSSM office with her son Becher. VSSM decided to help her during her troublesome time, lent her interest free loan of Rs. 70000. Initially it was decided that she can re-pay according to her convenience. After six months of borrowing loan from VSSM her business of stitching and selling the Marwadi dress material ran well, she would re-pay according to VSSM’s mode of re-repaying the loan, on a regular basis, as it had been decided with her. She could expand her business also. She brought material from Jaipur.
The new business startup ran well and she started re-paying instalments to VSSM and other loan from Kalupur bank she had taken of Rs. 1 lakh for idol-making business. She was too much worried of her prestige and that is why she didn’t show her inability to repay Kalupur bank’s loan. She could lose her house against loan, but VSSM’s timely help without saved her from paying high interest as well as to maintain her respect as loan holder of Kalupur bank. She never wanted to be declared defaulter on her loans she took from the bank. 
We owe Nenuben's success to all our well wishers who never fail to appreciate and support us!
LOAN ID: 1407

VSSM helps Lilabhai fill colours in his life

VSSM Interest Free Loans filled Colours in the life of Lilabhai
Lilabhai built standing kitchen in his new house through VSSM Loans
Lilabhai Bhotubhai Patni (Devipujak) belongs to Deesa village of Banaskantha District. He is a seasonal vendor and his wife helps him in the business. He wished to expand his business but was facing financial limitations. He got to know about the interest free loans that VSSM extend to NT- DNT community members and decided to contact Maheshhai (VSSM worker). He could avail the loan of Rs. 25,000/- with which his business started. It had started off well and he could repay his loan timely and had some savings too!
Thereafter, he took second loan of Rs. 10,000/- to get a house under Rajiv Gandhi Awas Yojna. The actual amount to be paid under this scheme was Rs 2 Lakh 49 Thousand, but as he belongs to NT community, he had to pay 55,000/- from which VSSM helped him avail 45, 000/- through Pandit Dindayal Awas Yojna, hence he could get a house of his own! He could spent VSSM loan for his house which we can see how he has built standing kitchen in his house. He is happy that he could avail his own house with VSSM’s support of Rs. 10,000 loan that too interest free. He has re-paid Rs. 2000/- out of his loan he borrowed.  
Lilabhai's winter wear shop
As the winters were about to arrive, Lilabhai thought to buy warm clothes for winter from wholesale for the season’s business. But he estimated an investment of 1.5 Lakh. He already had an ongoing loan of Rs 10, 000/- through VSSM. But he still decided to borrow a third loan.Given that he had repaid the previous loan timely, VSSM decided to extend a loan of 50,000/- for his business. Since he was still short of 1Lakh, he borrowed Rs.50,000 from somewhere on the interest and put in all his savings and got his stock of winter clothes for his business. God bless, his business is doing great and he is also repaying the loan on timely basis.
Lilabhai knows how to drive an auto rickshaw and now he wishes to buy one. He says that his wife will manage his seasonal business at one place and if he will get an auto rickshaw, he can move around with his stock and do business along with getting passengers in the auto rickshaw from which he can earn too. Once he repays both the loans to VSSM, he wishes to get another loan for buying an auto rickshaw.
Lilabhai showing winter clothes to Mittal Patel

He has two children and since his engagement with VSSM, he understands the importance of education in a better way. He wishes to send his five-year-old son to school and also puts aside Rs. 200/- for his extra tuition. He is focused towards his kid's education and their bright future.
Now that we know that Lilabhai has had a taste of how hard work and dedication pay off, we wish Lilabhai a bright future and may he always keep working hard towards achieving his goals and VSSM shall stand by his side in hour of need. 
We are grateful to our donors who support us to help many people like Lilabhai who struggle to earn the living.
LOAN ID: 1362

VSSM enables Talabhai add silver border to his life

VSSM helps Talabhai Barot Expand his Business

Talabhai showing his embroidery material
Talabhai Ukabhai Barot is the resident of Old Deesa of Deesa Taluka of Banaskantha District. Talabhai is earning his livelihood expenses by running a small business of embroidery lace borders. It was very difficult for him to run his house with the investment of small amount for the business. The costing of running business was more and earning was lesser. Thus, Talabhai could not fulfil the basic needs of his family. Talabhai, the father of three daughters, was taking the money from the private money lenders for high amount of the interest on it. The small capital on hand restricted him to buy more material on a cheaper price from the wholesale dealers. He was buying his business material from Palanpur and his profit was less due to buying less material on a daily basis on a higher rates from the local shop. The local money lenders used to take higher interest rates and even if any day he didn’t have business, he had to pay the actual interest for the capital he has taken from the local money lender. 

Talabhai was already earning lesser than his requirement and wanted some loan to purchase more material for business. He goes to the surrounding areas to sell the embroidery borders. Initially he used to buy material for Rs. 5000 and 2000. Then he met VSSM Karyakar Maheshbhai through a loaner of the VSSM. He expressed his problems and asked if he can have some loan from VSSM. He was given Rs. 20,000 during the May 2017. The good part of showing trust to him has now given him confidence to buy more material from Surat for wholesale rates. His profit has increased as well. This interest free loan saves the interest he had to pay earlier. His capacity to buy more material has made him good businessman who can give considerable options to his customers. All these changes have enabled him to repay his loan to VSSM regularly. 

He has already paid half of the amount of his loan that is 10,000. He himself calls Maheshbhai to pay the dues which shows his integrity. Talabhai says that now he is not in that poor condition or feels disrespectful. But this help brought stability in his earnings and made him stronger to buy more business material. Earlier local lenders used give loans of 10000 by cutting 1000 as interest and he had to pay rest 9000 by 100 Rupee each month. This made the vicious circle of debts going and amount to be paid increased. But VSSM's interest free loan freed him from this vicious circle.  

Maheshbhai says with smile, “Local money lenders are telling us that our business is now in danger as your organisation is giving interest free loans. People don’t come to us for money now but they say that we are getting interest free loans and that is very helpful to them.” 

What more can be success than this to us! Our trust is taken care by repaying the loans on time with thanks by the community. We could be the means for them to bring stability in their lives by our small amount of helping hand. 

We owe this success to our respected donors! We hope you keep appreciating us like this. 

Loan ID: 1325

VSSM becomes the strong support for Jiviben in her old age struggles of life

VSSM Supports Hexagenerian Nomad Woman by giving Interest Free Loans
Jiviben showing the cutlery
Jiviben belongs to Totana village of Kankrej Taluka in Banaskantha District. Jiviben’s age is about 60 years. She stays in a small hut with her son. She and her son used to sell cutlery and running their small business. Her son used to go place to place on a bicycle selling cutlery material like rubber bands, hair clips and balloons. Son’s earning alone. They were living on the basis of the income they earned daily.They were purchasing grocery and business material everyday. This practice was more difficult as they could buy and save nothing. More money went in to material purchasing and that was costlier to manage on a daily basis. They could not earn enough comparing with the hard work they used to do. They thought to store ration of at least one month and to purchase material on a wholesale rate; so that, they can save little profit which they used to lose in daily purchases.
They were struggling hard to meet their daily basic needs. Meanwhile, flood washed everything they had. Their house was affected and their life became tougher.
Jiviben talking about her Business to Mittal Patel
VSSM helped Jiviben and her son by providing an interest free loan of Rs. 10,000 for their livelihood. The mother and son felt very happy to see a good amount on hand. They purchased ration for their daily needs which saved their money which used to be spent on daily purchasing of the ration and business material. They purchased more material for business and divided it in to two parts. Her son took more material to sell on bicycle. Jiviben also helped by selling the material while carrying the basket on her head, moving around in nearby areas on her feet. Jiviben's feet hurt due to this constant struggle for survival. They both are trying hard to earn but still they have to build a stronger house replacing the hut. They have repaid Rs. 3000 out of the loan of Rs. 10,000. 

We are grateful that we got donors like you who are giving us consistent support to help people like Jiviben!

Loan ID: 1561

Monday, 8 January 2018

VSSM helps Amitbhai and Anilbhai Develop their Business Again

Amitbhai and Anilbhai could sell the Vegetables with the help of VSSM
Amitbhai with his handcart
Everyone wants to lead life according to his/her talent. Everyone wants to reach the peak of success in life and wants to fulfil all the dreams. It is said that luck goes with the ones who work hard but sometimes even hard work doesn’t bring desired results due to some reasons. Amitbhai also worked hard to follow his dreams but because of not having enough money he was not able to fulfil his dreams. 

Amitbhai stays at Guptanagar in Vasna area of Ahmedabad district. His wife Rekhaben does house-hold work and his two children are studying in the school. He had already debts but still he took loan on interest from the local money lender to do vegetable business. Whatever Amitbhai earned by selling vegetables had gone in paying the interest of the loan he took. His earning was not enough to fulfil his needs to lead life. 

Amitbhai came in contact with VSSM through Ilaben, the VSSM field worker. He applied for loan of Rs. 50,000 to VSSM. VSSM sanctioned the interest free loan of Rs. 50,000. He paid his earlier debts of Rs. 30,000 and rest 20,000 he used for his vegetable business. Amitbhai is now free from the tension of paying interest. He can earn daily 300 to 400 Rupees by selling vegetables and paying his instalments of the loan he took from VSSM, regularly. This little financial stability has built his confidence to follow his dreams.

Anilbhai with his flourished handcart
Anilbhai, also a resident of Guptanagar of Vasna area, was a vegetable vendor. He used to take money from local money lenders on interest whenever he needed money for his business. He wanted to bring more fruits so he again took money from local money lender on interest. At the end his efforts to earn money well went in vein as most of the money he used to earn was going in repaying the interest of the loans he took earlier to run his business well. Remaining amount was going to run the house. It was getting difficult for Anilbhai to run his house and business with a huge amount of debts on his head.   

Anilbhai had heard about VSSM through Ilaben. He took the interest free loan of Rs. 50,000 from VSSM, promising that he will repay it in regular instalments. VSSM gave him loan of Rs. 50,000 with no interest. He paid his debts with those money and came out of the burden of paying interest. It released his tensions and he could focus well on the business. He spared 20000 out to 50,000 to invest in business. Now he daily earns good amount of Rs. 400 to 500. He is repaying VSSM loan instalments on regular basis. He expresses happiness for the help which saved his hard earned money going waste in repaying interests. 

We are thankful to our donors for enabling us to help Amitbhai and Anilbhai setting up their business.

LOAN ID: 1190, 1191

Saturday, 6 January 2018

VSSM Supports Jagdishbhai

VSSM helps Jagdishbhai rebuild life after he suffers devastating loss of property and health in the floods of 2017
Jagdishbhai with his tempo which he bought with the help of VSSM
Jagdishbhai Bawabhai Raval, a resident of Umri village, lost his farm land to the floods of 2017. Just near the farm was his house which also collapsed in the consistent rains. Jagdishbhai is a small marginalised farmer and the only piece of land he owned wasn’t enough to give him sustainable income hence, he also ferried a camel cart. The destruction of land and home wasn’t enough, Jagdishbhai lost the camel cart too, in a freak road accident which proved fatal for the camel. The cart also suffered irreparable damage and Jagdishbhai had to be hospitalized. He had requested for a loan to buy buffaloes but, later had to withdraw the request because the accident had left some physical challenges due to which he wasn’t feeling capable to indulge in cattle farming.

VSSM offered Jagdishbhai an interest free loan of Rs. 50,000 to help rebuild his livelihood. The support helped him purchase a second-hand tempo rickshaw to ferry goods. The earning has been well. However, he still need to manage to repair his land and house from this income. Currently, he continues to live in a shanty.

VSSM has written to the government to help Jagdishbhai rebuild his home. The upcoming elections prohibited the Department of Social Welfare to act on these requests. But hopefully, the application will see some progress now.

Jagdishbhai is grateful for the support VSSM and its well-wishers have provided him and families like his overcome the devastating impacts of the calamity. “We lost everything to the floods grains, vessels, household items, if you hadn’t given us tents, food and vessels how would we have managed to survive? You are also helping us rebuild our livelihoods, our lives with the interest free loans. Your support has been that of Almighty’s. Who else does such big help in the times we live? Jagdishbhai sells vegetables and earns Rs. 500 except the cost of diesel.

We will continue to  pray for you well-being and progress, Jagdishbhai.

VSSM is grateful to Kutchi Jain Foundation for supporting individuals like Jagdishbhai rebuild their lives.

ગુજરાતીમાં અનુવાદ

જગદીશભાઈ બાવાભાઈ રાવળ ઉમરીગામમાં રહે. 2017માં આવેલા પૂરમાં તેમની જમીન ધોવાઈ ગઈ અને જમીન પર બાંધેલું ઘર પણ પડી ભાંગ્યું. જગદીશભાઈ નાના સીમાંત ખેડુત. જમીનના ટુકડામાં પુરુ ના થાય એટલે તેઓ ઊંટલારી પણ રાખતા ને તે ભાડે ફેરવતા. પણ 2017ના પુરમાં જમીન અને ઘરના નુકશાનની સાથે સાથે તેમની ઊંટલારી પણ છીનવાઈ ગઈ. ઊંટલારીને રોડ પર ચલાવી રહ્યા ને વાહન સાથે તેનો અકસ્માત થયો. ઊંટ પાસેના રેલવે નાળામાં પડ્યું ને મૃત્યુ પામ્યુ. લારી તુટી ગઈ ને જગદીશભાઈને પણ પાટણ હોસ્પીટલમાં દાખલ કરવા પડ્યા. દુકાળમા અધિકમાસ જેવી હાલત થઈ. તેમણે ભેંસ ખરીદવા માટે લોનની માંગણી કરી પણ પછી તેમણે કહ્યું મારાથી પશુપાલન થશે નહીં. અકસ્માતના કારણે આર્થિક અને શારીરિક તેમને ખુબ નુકશાન થયું હતું.

જગદીશભાઈને આપણે રૂ.50,000 વગર વ્યાજવા રોજીરોટી કમાવવા નવો ધંધો શરૃ કરવા આપ્યા ને તેમાંથી તેમણે જુનામાં ટેમ્પો રીક્ષા ખરીદી. તેઓ શિહોરીમાં રીક્ષા લઈને સામાનની હેરફેર કરે છે. સારુ કમાય છે. પણ આ આવકમાંથી જ તેમણે જમીન સરખી કરવાની ને ઘરેય બેઠું કરવાનું છે. હાલ તો સાવ છાપરાંમાં રહી રહ્યા છે.  
આપણે તેમનું ઘર બને તે માટે સરકારને મદદ કરવા લખ્યું છે. ચૂંટણી હોવાના કારણે સમાજ કલ્યાણ અધિકારી કોઈ જવાબ નહોતા આપી રહ્યા. પણ હવે કામ કરશે તેવું લાગી રહ્યું છે. જગદીશભાઈ કહે છે, સંસ્થા અને સંસ્થા સાથે સંકળાયેલા સૌ સ્વજનોએ ખરા સમયે મદદ કરી. પુરમાં અમારુ બધુ જ જતું રહ્યું હતું તમે વાસણ, અનાજ ને તંબુ ના આપ્યા હોત તો ક્યાં રહેત તે પ્રશ્ન હતો. વળી અમને ફેર બેઠા કરવા વગર વ્યાજે પચાસ હજાર આપ્યા. કળયુગમાં આવી રીતે કોઈ મદદ કરે એ ભગવાને કરેલી મદદ બરાબર છે. હાલ છકડા રીક્ષામાં તેઓ શાકભાજી વેચવાનું કરે છે. ડીઝલ કાઢતા તેમને રુપિયા પાંચસો આરામથી મળી રહે છે. બસ જગદીશભાઈ સુખી થાય તેવી ભાવના આપણે વ્યક્ત કરીએ ને જગદીશભાઈને ફરે બઠા કરવા કચ્છી જૈન ફાઉન્ડેશને મદદ કરી તે માટે આપના આભારી છીએ...

Help VSSM pay fees of Nursing Student Neeta

Help hardworking Neeta finish her Studies

Manjuben and Neeta in VSSM office explaining their plight to Mittal Patel
“Ben, we need to pay the last instalment of fees for Neeta’s nursing course. Agreed, you gave us Rs. 50,000 earlier, I also paid Rs. 50,000 which I earned while working as daily wage labourer. But, we have never received a notice from the collage, asking for complete payment of due fees. Yes, they did send reminders but never cautioned us the they would remove Neeta from collage in case of the non-payment of fees. My husband earned well earlier and that is the reason we took Neeta’s admission in this collage. However, he had a heart attack and has not been able to earn well since then. Our communities do not allow girls to study but I dream of educating my children. And now this...”

Manjuben Raval is a mother of Neeta and her siblings. She belongs to the Raval community which is a Nomadic community of Gujarat. Manjuben lives in Ratanpur village situated Danta block. She works as a cook in the Mid-Day Meal Programme in a school in the same village. The financial well-being of the family was decent when her husband was well and working but, his medical condition has altered the family's economic condition.

Neeta is in the final year of nursing course she has been pursuing since last three years. She requested me, “Didi, I need to complete this course. My mother has worked really hard to raise us, she has gone against the community dictates to make sure I study. Once I am through with the course; it is certain that I will get a job with the pay of at least Rs. 10,000.  If I go on to do well, her hard work would be paid off. I wish to repay her toil and suffering. I promise I will repay each penny of the loan. Please help us pay the fees, I will surly pay back. The collage has removed me from the course since last 15 days. I want to study, Didi.”

Neeta is a hard working young girl. In 12th grade she secured 60% without any external coaching or tuition. “How can I loan such a big amount?”, I asked. “I will work twice as hard, will repay every single penny of the loan. I promise I will not die before I pay off the entire amount. Just this time help us complete her studies,” Manjuben requested.

There are thousands like her and we find it difficult to meet the needs of all such poor families. Our well-wishers and friends like you all have helped us reach this far, supporting thousands of families fight poverty and marginalization would have been impossible without your generosity. I am sure things will work out well for all, I hold that unshakeable trust that has never failed me!!

ગુજરાતીમાં અનુવાદ
બેન તમે પચા આલ્યા પણ ઓની #નર્સીગની બીજી બે લાખની ફી બાકી હ્. પચા મી મજુરી કરીન ભર્યા. અતાર લગી કોલેજવાળાએ ફી બલ્લે ઘણીએ માથાકૂટ કરી પણ કોય દાડો નીતાન કાઢી નતી મુચી. પણ આ ફેરા પુરી ફી લઈન આય નકર તારુ એડમીશન કાઢી નોખીશું એવું કઈ દીધુ હ. માર ઘરવાળો પેલા ઠીક કમાતો એટલ જ સોકરીન ભણાબ્બાનું કર્યું. પણ ઈન અટક આયુ ન બાજી બગડી જી. અમાર બાજુ સોકરીઓ બહુ ના ભણ પણ મન મારા સોકરાં ભણાબ્બાની ઘણી હુંશ હતી. પણ હવ...
દાંતા તાલુકાના રતનપુરગામમાં રહેતા મંજુબહેન #રાવળ#મધ્યાનભોજન બનાવવાનું કામ કરે. ઘરે એક ગાય. ઘરવાળો કમાતો ત્યારે સ્થિતિ સારી હતી પણ જ્યારથી મંદવાડ ઘરમાં આવ્યો ત્યારથી મંજુબહેનની હાલત ખરાબ થઈ ગઈ.
નીતા નર્સીગના છેલ્લા વર્ષમાં છે. દીદી મારે ભણવું છે. મારી મમ્મીએ ખુબ મેનત કરીન અમન મોટા કર્યા. હું કાંઈક બનીશ તો એની મેનત લેખે લાગશે. બધાની વિરોધમાં જઈન એણે મને ભણાવી છે. મારુ ભણવાનું પતશે પછી મને દસ હજારની નોકરી તો મળી જ જશે. બે લાખની ફી ભરવા મદદ કરો હું નોકરી મળે એટલે એ પૈસા ભરી દઈશ. પંદર દિવસથી મને કોલેજમાંથી કાઢી મુકી છે. મારે ભણવું છે દીદી.
બાર #સાયન્સમાં વગર ટ્યુશને નીતાએ 60 ટકા મેળવેલા. ખુબ ગરીબ પરિવારની આ દીકરીને ભણવું છે ને એની મમ્મીએ કરેલા ઢસરડાનું વળતર ચુકવવુ છે. મે કહ્યું, ‘આટલા બધા પૈસા કેવી રીતે આપવા.તો મંજુબેને કહ્યું. હું ખેતરમાં મજુરીએ જઉ હું વધુ મજુરી કરીસ પણ ઓનું ભણવાનું એક ફેરા પુરુ કરી આલો. તમાર પૈસા ભર્યા વના નઈ મરુ..
જીવવું મરવું કુદરતના હાથમાં છે. પણ મદદ માંગનારા હજારો છે અમે બધે પહોંચીએ ના શકીએ. અત્યાર સુધી જે પણ થયું તે સમાજમાં બેઠેલા શ્રેષ્ઠીઓની મદદ વગર શક્ય નહોતું.. પણ ફરી કહુ તો જરૃરિયાતવાળા હજારો છે... લોકો આશા સાથે આવે છે ને અમે મદદ કરીએ છીએ... પણ સેવારૃપી આ યજ્ઞમાં આહુતીની જરૃર પડે છે.... ફરી કહુ તો વિશ્વાસ છે બધુ સારુ થશે નો ને આજ સુધી તે ડગ્યોય નથી....

VSSM helped her rise like a Phoenix

Shankuben-a member of nomadic community Raval
revived her business after floods with the help of VSSM 
Shankuben Ravine lives in Umri Village of Banaskantha district. She was married in Rajanpur district. But she returned home in Umri because her husband used to cause problems in the household. Hence, she decided to raise her son Ashok by herself. She used to go from place to place selling cutlery and by that she earned money and sent her son Ashok to college. Then she opened a small Kiosk in the village, which was destroyed in the 2017 Banaskantha Floods.

Her stock and cabin were destroyed in the floods. So, she decided to seek help from VSSM and requested for an Interest free loan of Rs 30000 to repair her cabin and restock her shop. Her loan was passed and she could move forward and recover the loss.

She repaid the monthly loan amount. Her business is going well, too. We, at VSSM, are thankful to the donors who enable us to help people like Shankuben. 

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Geetaben and Bipinbhai Nayak (Bajaniya) were able to get auto rickshaw with the help of VSSM

Geetaben Nayak (Bajanya) with Mittal Patel
Geetaben and Bipinbhai Nayak (Bajaniya) lives in Vatva village, near Ahmedabad. They both worked as labourers. Bipinbhai knew how to drive an auto rickshaw and so he thought of buying a second hand auto Rickshaw, but the cost of the rickshaw was 50, 000/- and he didn’t have that kind of money.
So Bipinbhai borrowed 50,000/- from a private money lender and at the end of the year, he had to pay 70,000/- including the interest to the money lender. And the money was given on a condition that since Bipinbhai failed to pay back 70,000 /- then them money lender will take away his rickshaw.
Bipinbhai started a shuttle from Vatva to Ramol and Nikol. But, it didn’t not bring him enough money. The repaying of money was causing stain and he could hardly meet ends with the hefty interest that he had to pay. If he drove an auto Rickshaw in the city, he could earn much more, but he didn’t have a driving license and so he didn’t take the risk of driving in the city without a driving licence.
Geetaben came in contact with Madhuben (VSSM worker) and she requested Madhuben to give her husband interest free loan of Rs40, 000/- so that they can pay back the private money lender and secure the rickshaw and not have to worry about a hefty interest they were continuously met with every month. She put her gold ornaments on mortgage and could get 30,000/- from it and they repaid the 70,000/- to the private money lender and were able to secure their Rickshaw.

Once they were relieved of the interest, they started repaying back the interest free loan that they borrowed from VSSM. And they have repaired the full amount. They were also able to get the gold ornaments back.
Bipinbhai Nayak (Bajaniya) with his Auto Rickshaw
Now, Bipinbhai earns Rs 200-250 per day and sometimes, even up to Rs 500.Although the issue of not being able to get a driving licence because he of his inability to ready and give the Theory exam for availing driving licence remains. We have been writing to the government with regard to this matter and have also been lobbying for the same. Hoping to find a way out for this soon.. 

Loan ID no. : 916

Monday, 1 January 2018

Marghaben Devipujak can continue her seasonal business with the help of VSSM

When Mittal Patel visited Marghaben Devipujak

Marghaben Devipujak is from Surendranagar and is a seasonal fruit vendor. She sells seasonal fruits like Bor and Channa. She sits on the Dhrangadhra road, near Katuda and sells her seasonal fruits. She requested for an interest free loan of Rs 30,000/- from VSSM to get the fruits from the farmers or from the market.

Her business was doing well and with the income she was able to send her children to school as well as repay back the monthly loan amount. In between for a couple of months, there wasn't amount paid and that's because she had gone to Rajasthan and is now back in Surendranagar as the season has started. And now she will continue to pay back the remaining amount on monthly basis. 

Marghaben Devipujak at the place she sells seasonal fruits
She feels grateful that VSSM trusted her and gave her the loan because she thinks that otherwise, people are vary of giving loan to people like her and people of her community, of the fear that they will not repay back the money or will run away.  

I am extremely thankful to the donors who make it possible for us, at VSSM, to help people like Marghaben and many more like her. 

Dayabhai Bharthari progresses with the help of VSSM

Dayabhai Bharthari with Mittal Patel showing
her his shop. 

Dayabhai Hirabhai Bharthari lives in Bhandothara Village of Banaskantha District with his wife and 4 children (2 sons and 2 daughters). He has studied upto 10th standard and use to work as a  construction laborer, but the work wasn’t guaranteed throughout the year. So, he decided to open a small grocery store. He was aware of the VSSM’s work and the interest free loans that were extended by us . So he got in touch with Mahesh bhai (VSSM worker). A loan of Rs 20, 000/- was extended to him and he added his savings to it and opened a grocery shop near his house. His wife started to help him in the grocery store, and with time she was able to run it all by herself. Dayabhai knew how to drive an auto rickshaw and so he felt that to increase his income, he could get a rickshaw and carry passengers in his rickshaw to earn more money.
Dayabhai Bharthari with his passenger Auto Rickshaw
in Bhandothara, Banaskantha
Since he had repaid the previous loan timely, VSSM decided to give him a second loan of Rs 30,000/- when he requested for it, to buy an auto rickshaw. With the help of Rs30, 000 from loan and Rs 30, 000/- borrowed from outside, Dayabhai got his own Auto rickshaw! He runs with rickshaw for passengers from Bhandothara to Panthvada and earns utpo Rs 200-300 per day.
Dayabhai’s eldest son is in 8th Standard and the younger one is on 6th standard. His elder daughter is four year old and goes to Ambawadi and his youngest daughter is four months old. On knowing the importance of education, Dayabhai says that “ I will send all my kids to study” .

Dayabhai and his wife have found their rhythm and balance in life and will hopefully surpass all the problems in their life with hard work and each other by the side.  

We would like to thank the donors, who make it possible for us to help many people like Dayabhai. 

Loan ID no. : 1001, 1594