Tuesday, 9 January 2018

VSSM saved Nenuben from being a Defaulter and saved her Prestige

“Sister, If I don’t repay loan, it would be a crime to Nature”: Nenuben
Nenuben Expressing her happiness and gratitude to Mittal Patel  
Nenuben  (Devipujak) belongs to Ramdev Nagar area of Jodhpur, Ahmedabad. Her husband passed away due to an illness. She had been alone with her three children. It was very difficult for Nenuben during that period to raise her children on her own with no income. Her husband had left a hut for her on the land he owned. Hence, there had not been any problem about moving here and there. The main problem she had been facing was to earn in order to bring up her kids. Nenuben knew tailoring work. She started stitching traditional dress for women of her community. She had been stitching with good finishing hence, the ladies had been coming to her to get their dresses stitched. Gradually, now she also started keeping dress material to sell.
She had admitted her children into government school. Her life was not that easy. Her children left school as they were not interested to study. They started helping her to earn. Her son Sanjay also started working as office boy but his job was gone suddenly. Nenuben's leg had been fractured and it had affected her earnings. Her other son Bechar had been grown up and he thought to do their traditional business of making idols of Ganesha and other artefacts. The idea of earning from the business had not been successful as there had been less selling than they presumed. Now this added to their problems as it had become difficult for them to manage the repayment of loan they had borrowed on interest from local money lender. 
Nenuben Showing her business to Mittalben
She came to VSSM office with her son Becher. VSSM decided to help her during her troublesome time, lent her interest free loan of Rs. 70000. Initially it was decided that she can re-pay according to her convenience. After six months of borrowing loan from VSSM her business of stitching and selling the Marwadi dress material ran well, she would re-pay according to VSSM’s mode of re-repaying the loan, on a regular basis, as it had been decided with her. She could expand her business also. She brought material from Jaipur.
The new business startup ran well and she started re-paying instalments to VSSM and other loan from Kalupur bank she had taken of Rs. 1 lakh for idol-making business. She was too much worried of her prestige and that is why she didn’t show her inability to repay Kalupur bank’s loan. She could lose her house against loan, but VSSM’s timely help without saved her from paying high interest as well as to maintain her respect as loan holder of Kalupur bank. She never wanted to be declared defaulter on her loans she took from the bank. 
We owe Nenuben's success to all our well wishers who never fail to appreciate and support us!
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