Monday, 1 January 2018

Dayabhai Bharthari progresses with the help of VSSM

Dayabhai Bharthari with Mittal Patel showing
her his shop. 

Dayabhai Hirabhai Bharthari lives in Bhandothara Village of Banaskantha District with his wife and 4 children (2 sons and 2 daughters). He has studied upto 10th standard and use to work as a  construction laborer, but the work wasn’t guaranteed throughout the year. So, he decided to open a small grocery store. He was aware of the VSSM’s work and the interest free loans that were extended by us . So he got in touch with Mahesh bhai (VSSM worker). A loan of Rs 20, 000/- was extended to him and he added his savings to it and opened a grocery shop near his house. His wife started to help him in the grocery store, and with time she was able to run it all by herself. Dayabhai knew how to drive an auto rickshaw and so he felt that to increase his income, he could get a rickshaw and carry passengers in his rickshaw to earn more money.
Dayabhai Bharthari with his passenger Auto Rickshaw
in Bhandothara, Banaskantha
Since he had repaid the previous loan timely, VSSM decided to give him a second loan of Rs 30,000/- when he requested for it, to buy an auto rickshaw. With the help of Rs30, 000 from loan and Rs 30, 000/- borrowed from outside, Dayabhai got his own Auto rickshaw! He runs with rickshaw for passengers from Bhandothara to Panthvada and earns utpo Rs 200-300 per day.
Dayabhai’s eldest son is in 8th Standard and the younger one is on 6th standard. His elder daughter is four year old and goes to Ambawadi and his youngest daughter is four months old. On knowing the importance of education, Dayabhai says that “ I will send all my kids to study” .

Dayabhai and his wife have found their rhythm and balance in life and will hopefully surpass all the problems in their life with hard work and each other by the side.  

We would like to thank the donors, who make it possible for us to help many people like Dayabhai. 

Loan ID no. : 1001, 1594

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