Saturday, 6 January 2018

VSSM helped her rise like a Phoenix

Shankuben-a member of nomadic community Raval
revived her business after floods with the help of VSSM 
Shankuben Ravine lives in Umri Village of Banaskantha district. She was married in Rajanpur district. But she returned home in Umri because her husband used to cause problems in the household. Hence, she decided to raise her son Ashok by herself. She used to go from place to place selling cutlery and by that she earned money and sent her son Ashok to college. Then she opened a small Kiosk in the village, which was destroyed in the 2017 Banaskantha Floods.

Her stock and cabin were destroyed in the floods. So, she decided to seek help from VSSM and requested for an Interest free loan of Rs 30000 to repair her cabin and restock her shop. Her loan was passed and she could move forward and recover the loss.

She repaid the monthly loan amount. Her business is going well, too. We, at VSSM, are thankful to the donors who enable us to help people like Shankuben. 

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