Tuesday, 9 January 2018

VSSM Helps Dakshaben set up her Business

VSSM helps Dakshaben, a Domestic Helper, become a Fruit Vendor 

Dakshaben Rajubhai Nayak is staying at Guptanagar area in Vasna village of Ahmedabad. She was earning her livelihood by doing household jobs in nearby bungalows. Her husband Rajubhai is working in the hotel Thriller. She has one daughter and a son too. She was also selling bananas filled up in a small basket.  She was earning her livelihood but that did not give enough profit to meet the ends. It was difficult for her to meet the ends.

During 2014, she came in contact with Ilaben, the social worker who is working with ‘Vicharta Samuday Samarthan Manch’ (VSSM). VSSM helped her by giving interest free loan of Rs. 20,000 during May 2017, which helped her add more fruits and buy more stock to sell by hand-cart. This interest free loan helped her earn good profit as well as saved her money which could be gone into paying interest of the loan if she had gone to some local money lender. Her earning has reached up to Rs. 300 to 500 daily which has strengthened her paying capacity. She pays her decided Rs. 2000 EMIs regularly (5 EMIs are already paid) which is an additional change in her life. 

Loan ID 1312

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