Saturday, 30 December 2017

Teenaben Ravan in her new home with the help of VSSM

Teenaben Ravan's picture with Mittal Patel in Deesa
“Ben, can you please come inside my home for a moment, I want a picture with you”
“What will you do with the picture?”
“Why’d you ask that? I want to frame it and hang it in my home”
Teenaben Ravan was able to get a house in Deesa under Rajiv Gandhi Away Yojna. With the help of Pravinbhai Maadi and Nagarpalika, Teenaben had to pay the Rs 10, 000/- , which she borrowed through the interest free loans that VSSM gives to NT/DNT communities.
“Ben, Did you like how I have decorated my home? “
“Yes, very much. May god bless you “

Mahesh (VSSM worker) clicked the picture and Teenaben told Mahesh to make a copy of it and give it to her the earliest. Today, Mahesh calls me with a request to send the picture clicked with Teenaben. He informed me that Teenaben has been calling him several times a day and  now, he is hesitant to even go to the locality that Teenaben lives , with the fear that she will catch him and ask for the copy of the picture.

Unlike Mahesh, I only had laughter in my part. Everyone has pictures of their family members in their house and to get a place in that is truly humbling.

I would like to thank the donors who make it possible for me to help people like Teenaben and make it possible for me to have a place in the hearts and homes of people like Teenaben 

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