Saturday, 30 December 2017

VSSM helps Amthabhai Bharthari to get a Buffalo

Amthabhai Bharthari and his wife with their Buffalo and
the second buffalo that they have got after giving a token amount
On the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan lies the Bhandotra village, with a population of approximately 5 thousand. Amthabhai Hirabhai Bharthari lives in this village and works as a one fourth partner of an agricultural land. Whatever the harvest of the season, he gets to keep the one fourth part of it. But farming is full of uncertainty these days, from untimely rains to the droughts in the region and change in climate. Due to any of these climatic factors, if the harvest fails or is not good, then Amthabhai has to bear the loss. If they harvest twice in the year and the harvest is good, the total income is 40 thousand to 50 thousand. Without any concern of day of day or night, of the harsh sun or the freezing cold, they keep working in the farm.
Amthabhai has 3 sons and 2 daughters. From whatever he could save, he got his one daughter married. But it is not enough for running his household. So he thought that if he bought a Buffalo, then he can feed his family with milk and the remaining milk, he can sell it in the dairy of the village. And the dairy is not far from his house, so there won’t be any issue of travelling. 
So he contacted Maheshbhai (VSSM worker) and requested him for an interest free loan of 30 Thousand. His loan got approved and he could buy a Buffalo. After he got the Buffalo, his income increased and he was able to save for repaying the monthly amount of the loan.His wife also helps him take care of the buffalo. He is now thinking that once he repays this loan, he wishes to get another interest free loan of 30 - 40 Thousand and buy another buffalo that he has seen nearby. The buffalo is worth 55 Thousand and Amthabhai given a token amount for it from his savings and has got the buffalo home. He now has to pay the remaining amount for which he is expecting VSSM to give him an interest free loan.

We, at VSSM, wish that Amthabhai and his wife keep working together and sustain themselves. We heartily thank the donors who make is possible for us to help people like Amthabhai.

Loan ID no. : 1067

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