Saturday, 30 December 2017

VSSM helps Bhurabhai who was engaged in Bamboo Basket Business to get his own shop

Bhurabhai Vadee with his son at his shop in Juna Deesa
 Things get started with small steps or actions, no matter how small they are. Bhurabhai Lakhabhai Vadee (Vasfoda Vadee) started with making bamboo baskets and today, he has his own shop of ready made clothes..

As life progress, one learns and acquires skills in the process. Bhurabhai wanted to expand his bamboo basket business and was in need of money for it. At that time he met with Maheshbhai (VSSM worker) and put forward his wish to avail an interest free loan of RS 15,000/- to expand his business. The loan helped increase his income and he was able to repay the loan timely. Bhurabhai's savings increased which helped him gain confidence and he started to sell things made of plastic. But he was in need of money to continue the plastic business and got an interest free loan of 30, 000/- 

He got a good profit margin through his plastic business. Bhurabhai's son coaxed him to open a store of ready made clothes near their house. They had good savings and plus were able to pay the loan without any strain. 

During the floods in 2017, Bhurabhai suffered great loss in business and requested VSSM to give him a loan so that he can recover the loss and be able to get back on his feet. 

Bhurabhai requested for a loan of 70, 000/- in order to get back on his feet and VSSM gave him a third loan to recover losses and expand his business. He added his own savings to the loan amount and with his son opened a store of ready made clothes and is able to repay the loan on timely basis. 

We, at VSSM, are happy for him and wish him the best for all the steps that he takes forward. We would also like to thank the donors who enable us to help people like Bhurabhai.

Loan ID no. 1449, 0949, 0435.

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