Friday, 29 December 2017

With the help of VSSM, Lilabhai was able to expand his business

Lilabhai Devipujak with his family
Lilabhai Bhotubhai Patni(Devipujak) belongs to Deesa village of Banaskantha District. He is a seasonal vendor and his wife helps him in the business. He wished to expand his business but was facing financial limitations. He got to know about the interest free loans that VSSM extends to NT/DNT community members and decided to contact MaheshBhai (VSSM worker). He could avail the loan of Rs 25,000/- with which he got his seasonal stock from the wholesale and could set his business started. It had started off well and he could repay his loan timely and had some savings too!

Thereafter, he borrowed a second loan of Rs10, 000/- to get a house under Rajiv Gandhi Awas Yojna. The actual amount to be paid under this scheme was Rs 2 Lakh 49 Thousand, but as he belong under NT community, he had to pay 55, 000/- from which VSSM helped him avail 45, 000/- through Pandit Dindayal Awas Yojna, hence he could get a house of his own!

As the winters were about to arrive, Lilabhai thought to get warm clothes for winter from wholesale for the season’s business. But he estimated an investment of 1.5 Lakh. He already had an ongoing loan of Rs 10, 000/- through VSSM… but he still decided to borrow a third loan. Given that he had repaid the previous loan timely, VSSM decided to extend a loan of 50, 000/- for his business. Since he was still short of 1 Lakh, he borrowed 50, 000/- from somewhere else on interest and put in all his savings and got his stock of winter clothes for his business.
Lilabhai Devipujak's stall of winter clothes

God bless, his business is doing great and he is also repaying the loan on timely basis.
Lilabhai knows how to drive an auto rickshaw and now he wishes to buy one. He says that his wife will manage his seasonal business at one place and if he will get an auto rickshaw, he can move around with his stock and do business along with getting passengers in the auto rickshaw from which he can earn too. Once he repays both the loans to VSSM, he wishes to get another loan for buying an auto rickshaw.

He has two children and since his engagement with VSSM, he understands the importance of education better. He wishes to send his five year old son to school and also puts aside Rs200/- for his extra tuition. He is focused towards his kid education and their bright future.

Now that we know that Lilabhai has had a taste of how hard work and dedication pays off, we  wish Lilabhai a bright future and may he always keep working hard towards achieving his goals and VSSM shall stand by his side in hour of need. 

Loan ID no. : 1138, 1362

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