Saturday, 10 February 2018

VSSM extended the helping hand to Single Mother Madhuben to lead her life independently

Madhuben Devipujak with her plastic goods
Its 21st century and still many a times it is hard living as a single woman in the society, especially if you have kids and your husband has left you. But as it is said, when going gets tough only the tough gets going. 

Madhuben Anilbhai Parmar lives in Dudhrej village of Vadhvan District with her two children, a daughter and a son. She earns by selling plastic goods. 

To increase her business she needed some money, but where would she get the money from?

During that time, Harshadbhai Vyas the VSSM Karyakar, became the source of help to her. She then got an interest free loan of Rs 10, 000/- that VSSM gives to the members of NT/DNT communities. Madhuben had met Mittalben and as suggested by Mittalben, she kept a box where she started to deposit Rs 500/- or more on weekly basis which she kept for the monthly repayment of the loan and ensured that she had some savings. 

With time she was able to repay the loan timely and also could have some saving from which she got jewelry made of silver. 

A second loan of Rs 30, 000/- was also given to Madhuben when she requested for it, so that she could get plastic goods in more quantity from wholesale and increased her income. Her loan has been sanctioned during the month of October, 2017. Madhuben has repaid two installments total of Rs. 4000 and we are sure that her business will do well and she will be able to repay the loan timely. 

Madhuben now also wants to send her son and daughter to the hostels run by VSSM. She is aware of how education can help her children and bring them a better life. 

Continuous support and trust of our donors work as the inspirational force for us to lead the good work forward. 

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