Monday, 26 February 2018

Maniben Kangsiya's family could get two meals with the help of VSSM...

Ben, “Kanubhai is denying for loan this time, Please tell him something!”

Maniben Kangsiya  selling her cutlery items
“What should I tell him? Kanubhai has told me that you took loan but you have not saved anything out of it. Tell me what is the benefit of giving loan to you? It is just like eat drink and be merry. Finish one loan and ask for second one. This circle will go on and on… See if you are getting an extra benefit through loan then only I can rethink to give you loan otherwise if you take one after another loan but don’t work up on any progress or savings then I have denied Chhayaben and Kanubhai to give any loans.” 

“You are right but it is not that we had no benefit by loan. We could have two time meal just because we had loan otherwise it was not that normal for us to see two time meal! We could hardly see two times meal, generally we had one time fast. Yes, we have not saved money but now we will save. You come and make us understand these things otherwise we are illiterate people. We don’t understand much like this.”  

Maniben Kangasiya’s nonstop talk was going on and my mind struck upon the words, “we could have two times meal only after we had loan.” 

“I had not imagined this type of benefit of loan but after listening Manibahen, I felt happy and found our efforts worth. I would surely share the happiness of having someone’s food need satisfaction. I would tell specifically to those who asks, why loan should be given.”
I never dreamed of it that we would be means to satisfy someone’s hunger. Gratitude to all the relatives who are supporting for the cause. 

Now a new resolution, “We would ask for the, yearly wheat and rice to be preserved and would give loan with containers to fill the wheat and rice.” God gets up hungry but see that we don’t go to bed hungry. We want to do it for everyone with God’s grace and with the support of all of you.

'બેન બીજી લોન આલો'
'પહેલી લોનથી કાંઈ બચત કરી?''
'ના ઈ નથ થઈ'
'#લોન લઈને કરેલા ધંધામાંથી બચત ના કરીએ તો લોન આપવાનો મતલબ શું? કોઈ મને પુછે કે લોનથી તમારા લોકોના જીવનામાં શું ફેર પડ્યો તો હું શું જવાબ આપું?'

'કેમ કાંઈ ફેર નથ પડ્યો. પડ્યો જ તો. લોન લઈને ધંધો વધાર્યો ને ઈના કારણે જ તો અમે ટંક ખાતા થ્યા લો ઈ મોટો ફરક નો કેવાય કાંઈ?'

ટંકારાના મણીબેન #કાંગસિયાની વાતમાં બીજા ત્રીસ પરિવારોએ પણ સહમતી દર્શાવી.

નાની રકમની લોન કોઈના પેટની બે ટંકની ભૂખ ભાંગે છે. પરાણે કરવા પડતા ઉપવાસથી છુટકારો અપાવે એનાથી મોટો આનંદ શું હોઈ શકે..
આવી રીતે અમનેય નિમિત્ત બનાવનાર સૌનો આભાર..

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