Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Nomadic Nat and Bajaniya community benefited to start their own venture with help of VSSM’s interest free loan, under livelihood programme.

Jivabhai with his own auto rickshaw
Champaneriya Jivabhai, resident of Dist. Surendranagar, with limited opportunities & handful resources he has to meet the daily requirements. Income was average while running expense of his hired auto rickshaw was demanding huge portion of whatever he earns, daily rent of Rs.250/-, fuel and other maintenance charges was costing 500/- per day. 
Jivabhai had positive prospects to look towards these challenging conditions, he was desirous to make changes in his life by owing an auto rickshaw. But with limited earnings and marginal savings it seems impossible. Eventually he happened to meet our karyakar Harshad.

Harshad is the young and energetic field worker of VSSM. He has given hopes to many young entrepreneurs from these communities.

Harshad explained Jivabhai the benefits of Interest Free loan program especially run for Nomadic communities by VSSM. Jivabhai is desirous and dedicated to take the responsibilities of owing his own auto rickshaw & apparently returning the loan amount within the approved period. VSSM sanctioned a loan amount of Rs.40,000/-.  Jivabhai bought a used auto rickshaw, for 60,000/-, apart from loan amount he received help for balance 20,000/-from friends and family.

Earlier he used to pay 6000/- as monthly rent to the owner of auto rickshaw, today he repays his loan amount to VSSM with fixed 4000/- EMI. Eventually he is benefitted by owning his own auto rickshaw & gradually savings has also increased.

VSSM along with bajaniya community is proud of Jivabhai, he has set an best example of effective management with optimum utilization of handful or marginal resources.

He has given hopes to many young entrepreneurs from these communities.

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