Wednesday, 27 April 2016

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Ramilaben Bharatbhai Bajaniya

Tea Stall  a place - where youngster , office going people , retired people , people from different segments & class of society and people who have nothing to do … sit for hours , chit chatting , discussing, arguing , planning & to our surprise many famous personalities had been identified from this Chai Ki Tapris.

Though in cities Coffee Shops has taken the place of tea stall, in villages or small town this place symbolizes a center to meet over. A lot actually happens over a cup of tea. People get attracted especially for the aroma & particular taste. It also depended on the art of preparing the tea.
Story of Ramila revolves around this tea stall. 

Ramilaben and her family's living condition
Working as a helper on a tea stall in Vatva Village, since five years, people were addicted to the taste and aroma , her tea was a famous beverage in the surrounding area , powerful blend of herbs and spices cherished them.  BUT this lady was not paid sufficient by the tea stall owner, she was not able to save enough for a rainy day. Her salary was 1500/- her husband doing labour work in factories, growing kids had increased their demands , inlaws are facing illness.. Day to day life was dragging her in ditch of borrowing money from money lenders.

One fine sunny afternoon our worker Madhuben and her supporting people were in that area , sitting at the tea stall & discussing about projects our organization conduct regarding education, advocacy,  livelihood, child marriage & the kind of financial & moral support we extend to them.
Now Ramila is an entrepreneur !!!
Ramilaben promptly jumped into the discussion and shared her feeling & problems & asked for an advice. Madhuben at a glance understood that this lady is smart dedicated & eager to make better changes in her life.

Madhuben guided her on many issues & asked her to visit our VSSM office.
Ramilaben without any delay the very next day came to meet us.. here we understood that this lady can run her own set up of tea stall very efficiently, as she was well equipped with knowledge of buying the materials, quality , quantity & décor. We asked her to find a proper place where we can give her this setup of tea stall. But to our surprise it cost a lot in that area, we asked our workers to identify place for her. 

As our organization working in this area since long time , surrounding people has supported us on many fronts & we too have brought significant changes in  their lives. They were now aware about Ramila’s requirement, a local gentlemen came forward & gave a corner of land to start the setup.

We in the meantime conducted social events and raised fund of Rs. 30,000/- & Ramila was given an Interest Free Loan under VSSM – Livelihood Program. 
Further She got her family & society support to make the setup.

Earnings has increased , quality of life , social recognition , education level of children, proper medications for inlaws and more above a confidence in a women has proved.
VSSM is always there to hold your hand & walk with you on a path of success.